Start over…

You can indeed start over, rearousing from within yourself those earlier, more innocent expectations, feelings and beliefs.

It is much better if you can imagine this endeavor more in the light of children’s play...

Try to instill a somewhat playful attitude, even toward the most severe problems, for the very idea of play encourages the use of the imagination and the creative abilities.

This starting over… because of the simultaneous nature of time, beliefs can be changed in the present moment.


Suggestion can, indeed, change experience which has already passed!

Because suggestions are formed of the same stuff that forms your physical reality, suggestions can indeed change the framework within which you operate.

Seth: Incidentally, suggestion will reach many aspects of the self. And, some which are very distant from the ego, for you are setting into motion psychic action, which is behind all realities. Suggestion will reach portions of the self of which the ego is entirely unfamiliar. Suggestion can, indeed, change experience which has already passed.


Seth: Your expectations alone will change your material circumstances.

An understanding of the rule of expectation is the one truly practical step you can take whenever any change in physical circumstances is desired.

You must watch your expectations.

You must replace the negative images you have with positive ones.

The negative ones are being faithfully reproduced in physical terms. And, this is hardly to your advantage.

TES 8 335

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