You spring into this place and this time from other dimensions

Seth: "Do you think you spring out of the earth without even the heritage of a tree or a seed? You spring into this place and this time from other dimensions, and you grow through and beyond this space and this time. You have only to unfocus your consciousness, to step aside from the particular consciousness that you use so expertly and so well, and to let yourselves go in awareness and flexibility. Even the atoms and molecules within your skull realize that they have a greater heritage than you know."

ESP Class Session, March 23, 1971 EC3)

You are always conscious

Seth: "In any case, there are new lives growing and maturing within each individual, whatever his or her age or circumstances. The idea of survival reaches far beyond this life experience. And, each person has new physical and spiritual existences ever ready, for there is no such thing as extinction. Alive or dead (in usual terms), you are always conscious and aware and yourselves. And, you are always a part of universal ventures in which you have always been involved, whatever your states of consciousness.

How do we create our realities?

What is the creative relationship between the spacious present, simultaneous time, consciousness, camouflage physical reality and the moment point? And how do they flow together to create… well, everything?

Nothing exists but the Spacious Present, which is within All That Is.

Simultaneous Time is the only valid time there is within the spacious present.

All creation can only happen within the spacious present in simultaneous time.

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