Other Realities (long text)

"...From any given point of your existence, however, you can glimpse other probable realities and sense the reverberations of probable actions beneath those physical decisions that you make. Some people have done this spontaneously, often in the dream state. Here the rigid assumptions of normal waking consciousness often fade. And, you can find yourself performing those physically rejected activities, never realizing that you have peered into a probable existence of your own.

Gateway to other realities

Seth: The natural world itself is a gateway to other realities.

The source of all realities is.. present in your existence.

The more fully you learn to live, the more the seemingly hidden "mysteries of the universe" begin to appear.

To "let go" is to trust the spontaneity of your own being, to trust your own energy and power and strength, and to abandon yourself to the energy of your own life.

Each element of nature abandons itself to the life form.

So does each atom of your body.

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