Seth on guilt and penance/ repentance/ karma

In an etymological sense, the word ‘repentance’ traces to something like ‘turning around, a complete reorientation’ hinting then perhaps at adopting a loving , joyful viewpoint of the Inner Self. Nevertheless, as it is used today it means quite the opposite of that, meaning a duty bound, vengeance full orientation of the limited and linear type of reality view, loosely translating as something like ‘in the past you created for them reality that they did not like so now to make it even they must create for you reality that you do not like’


"People with so-called secondary personalities also fear their own energy. They divide it up so that it seems to belong (long pause) to different personalities, and is therefore effectively divided. In basic terms, true amnesia does not exist in such cases, though it appears to. The people involved are quite aware of their activity at all times, but they behave in a fashion that is not continual — that is, the main personality does not seem to behave in a continual manner, but is broken up, or again, seemingly divided.


Suggestion can, indeed, change experience which has already passed!

Because suggestions are formed of the same stuff that forms your physical reality, suggestions can indeed change the framework within which you operate.

Seth: Incidentally, suggestion will reach many aspects of the self. And, some which are very distant from the ego, for you are setting into motion psychic action, which is behind all realities. Suggestion will reach portions of the self of which the ego is entirely unfamiliar. Suggestion can, indeed, change experience which has already passed.

Seth’s exercises 29 (long read)

The Point of Power

"You can change the picture of your life at any time if only you realize that it is simply the one portrait of yourself that you have created from an unlimited amount of probable ones. The peculiar aspect of your own probable portraits will still be characteristic of you, and no other. The abilities, strengths and variants that you may want to actualize are already latent, in your terms, and at your disposal. Suppose that you are unhealthy and desire health.

Sumari Time

There are special moments that are open channels in which a different kind of time emerges; an inside-Sumari kind of non-time. And in that time, everything is miraculous. One hour of it is worth—well, days of ordinary minutes. In Sumari time, you can learn something in a twinkling that might otherwise take years, and insights spring up, brilliant as fresh fruit, for the picking. This Sumari time is the special heart of time, and contains its real meaning.

Love and Peace

This girl is standing on heart-printed paper. I asked her what she was doing. She said she was sending love and peace to people in the world and to monsters to make them nice.

These are the healers of our world.

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Seth: Your expectations alone will change your material circumstances.

An understanding of the rule of expectation is the one truly practical step you can take whenever any change in physical circumstances is desired.

You must watch your expectations.

You must replace the negative images you have with positive ones.

The negative ones are being faithfully reproduced in physical terms. And, this is hardly to your advantage.

TES 8 335

Information about the ‘Unknown’ Reality (book)

Seth: “The concepts in ‘Unknown’ Reality will help expand the consciousness of each of its readers, and the work itself is presented in such a manner that it automatically pulls your awareness out of its usual grooves, so that it bounces back and forth between the standardized version of the world you accept, and the unofficial versions that are sensed but generally unknown to you…”

Seth: “…This book is a bridge between realities. Reading it, each person sets out upon a psychic pilgrimage through the unknown realities of his or her own consciousness and experience.”

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