You are always conscious

Seth: "In any case, there are new lives growing and maturing within each individual, whatever his or her age or circumstances. The idea of survival reaches far beyond this life experience. And, each person has new physical and spiritual existences ever ready, for there is no such thing as extinction. Alive or dead (in usual terms), you are always conscious and aware and yourselves. And, you are always a part of universal ventures in which you have always been involved, whatever your states of consciousness.

After death

There are unlimited varieties of experience open to you after death.

Very generally now, there are three main areas, though exceptions and extraordinary cases can take other roads.

1- You may decide upon another reincarnation.

2- You may decide to focus instead upon your past life, using it as the stuff of new experience, as mentioned previously creating variations of events as you have known them, making corrections as you choose.

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