“The magical approach puts you in harmony with your own individual knowledge of the universe. It puts you in touch with the magical feeling of yourself that you had as a child, and that is familiar to you at levels usually beyond your physical knowledge of yourself. It is better then, say, to use the approach because you recognize it for what it is, than to use it specifically in order to get something that you want, however beneficial. There is no doubt at my level that use of the approach can clear up Ruburt’s difficulties naturally and easily.

The Magical Approach

Seth: The magical approach... represents an open doorway into a world of reality that is always present, always at the base of your cultures and experience.

Magical approach is indeed the natural approach to life's experience.

Frameworks 1 and 2 ARE actually united... to comprehend the simple idea of Framework 2's indisputable existence is strongly important.

It is a way of living that automatically enhances all of your abilities and accelerates your comprehensions.

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