"There are, again, no limitations to the self, but those that you create. These become valid limitations for all practical purposes however. When you learn, and you are learning, to extend the limitations of your self, you simply become aware of what you are already. You become more aware, but there is always more to become aware of.

In one respect, and in quite a legitimate and objective manner, all thoughts are also projections. They leave you in an objective actual manner, and exert an objective effect. They are a part of your psychic identity projected outward, yet you do not feel any loss. Nor are you aware of what happens to these thoughts. You could not retain simultaneously all and exert all the thoughts of your lifetime thus far in any normally conscious way. To do so would be psychological suicide.

You do retain coded memory of these. The thoughts themselves, also psychic realities, were projected outward, changing and affecting the physical environment in direct and objective terms. They acted independently of you after their projection. Nevertheless they changed your (underlined) environment. Indeed, they form the environment.

Various levels of consciousness are projected from the self in much the same manner. They are united however as interior and subsidiary identities that are a part of your own, and they are sent out by the inner self for various reasons. The thought is a psychological reality, a psychological and psychic identity but not a structured personalized identity. The self may send out fragments of itself in projections. These may or may not be structured personalized identities though they will be dependent for their existence upon the whole self."

TES7 Session 327 March 20, 1967