“The magical approach puts you in harmony with your own individual knowledge of the universe. It puts you in touch with the magical feeling of yourself that you had as a child, and that is familiar to you at levels usually beyond your physical knowledge of yourself. It is better then, say, to use the approach because you recognize it for what it is, than to use it specifically in order to get something that you want, however beneficial. There is no doubt at my level that use of the approach can clear up Ruburt’s difficulties naturally and easily. If it is used because you recognize its inherent rightness in yourself, its inherent “superior stance,” then it automatically puts you in a position of greater trust and faith. It opens your options, enlarges your vista of comprehension, so that the difficulties themselves are simply no longer as important—and vanish from your experience in, again, a more natural manner (all intently).

(Long pause at 9:37.) In a fashion, all of the material that I have given you in the annals of our relationship was meant to lead you in one way or another to a place where the true nature of reality could at least be glimpsed. You are at that point now. In a manner of speaking Ruburt’s physical condition represents the bruises, the wounds inflicted upon any individual in his or her long journey (long pause) toward a greater comprehension of life’s experience. In religious terms you begin to glimpse a promised land—a “land” of psyche and reality that represents unimpeded nature (again all intently).

...(9:55.) The universe is not dependent upon your belief in it in order that it can exist. It contains within itself its own comprehension of its own knowledge, its own magical recognition of itself, its own harmonious laws and orders, its own cabinetry. It possesses and holds intact even the smallest probability, so that no briefest possible life or creature or being is ever lost in the shuffle of a cosmic mechanics.

To even sense the existence of that kind of reality, however, you must already have “opened the doorway” to Framework 2, and begun to use the magical approach as your natural instinctive way of dealing with experience."

TPS6 Deleted Session December 9, 1981

"You may not consider trust an attribute connected with reasoning, but it is indeed, for it represents the creature’s innate understanding of the support with which it has been gifted. The natural person still feels that trust. There are many books written about occult knowledge, or magical knowledge. Most of them are filled with distortions, but they are all efforts to uncover man’s natural magical reasoning."

TMA Session Eight September 3, 1980

“Dictation. In any case, magic is everywhere in the operation of your body, and in the operation of the world.

My definition of magic is this: Magic is nature unimpeded, or magic is life unimpeded. It is true that your thoughts and emotions and beliefs form the reality that you experience — but it is also true that this creative construction is, in a manner of speaking, magically formed. That is, the construction of your body and the construction of a world (pause) are produced with the greatest combination of order and spontaneity — an order and spontaneity that seems hidden rather than apparent (all intently)."

WTH Part One: Chapter 2: March 10, 1984

"Magic is public

as the air,

so obvious

and clear that it appears


And we look through it

at the world,

which rises up about us


TMA Appendix C (An excerpt from a poem by Jane Roberts, August 29, 1980)