Dreaming on the couch

Seth II: You are sometimes aware while in physical existence that you are dreaming.

You are dealing with the transformation of emotional energy into action and form.

Seth II: "You are dealing with the transformation of emotional energy into action and form. You then manipulate within nu the system which you have yourself created and by its effects learn where you have succeeded and where you have failed. The system always includes some fragments who are entering for the first time, as well as individuals in their third or fourth reincarnations.

Those in the later grades, you see, are to help the others. The system, also, provides practice in the methods of transforming energy into form and of maintaining intensities, of manipulating energy in various aspects.

As you dream and have a dream existence while still involved in the physical dimension, so is the physical dimension a dream within another dimension in which your consciousness is far more acute. And, as in your dream, you set up situations and work out problems, so you do the same in your physical existence.

You do not feel guilty for those you kill in your dreams. You do not feel that your dream existence is useless, hopeless, or beyond redemption, and it seldom occurs to you to think of your dream existence in such a manner.

That existence is a very valid one however, fulfilling significant functions and containing many levels. It is a more comprehensive existence in one way, in that while you solve problems that exist in your physical life, you are also free of physical life to some extent within it, and free to travel to other dimensions.

There is a reason why you view daily physical existence in a different manner while you are within it. In your dreams you are able to know what progress you are making, and where your failures lie. This information is compared to the ideals that have been reached in the manner I have told you. And, the ideals themselves originate in the dream state and are then translated into terms that are practical physically.

Even while immersed in physical reality, you are then to some extent free of it. Physical reality itself is still a dream within a larger existence. So, from that existence, you seem to yourself to be dreaming while you are immersed in physical life. Often in physical life then, you are also working out solutions to problems that exist in a quite different manner and in a completely different context in this other dimension.

Often you are aware that you are dreaming. And, you are sometimes aware while in physical existence that you are dreaming. You can change an unpleasant dream by realizing that you are creating it and that the problems are of your own making. You leave physical reality when you come to the same realization. The problems that you solve while in it are quite legitimate. You also know when you no longer need the particular context.

Humanity dreams the same dream at once. And, you have your mass world. The whole construction, however, is like an educational play in which you are the producers as well as the actors. There is a play within a play within a play, mazes of understanding. There is no end to the within of things. The dreamer dreams. And, the dreamer within the dream dreams. And, sometimes the dreamers are aware of each other. But, the dreams are not meaningless. And, the actions within them are highly significant. The whole self is the observer and also a participator in many roles.

Problems leading to world wars also cause worldwide natural disasters. These are merely another materialization of energy projected by those who have not learned how to handle it. Such reactions fire through the dream universe, also, and are reflected through all phases of your activity. The whole self compares the performance of various portions of itself in physical reality and in dream reality and draws its own conclusions."

TES9 446