The Rose

"This is a crossroads that comes, not only to you, but to each individual upon the face of the planet and in every time it comes when an individual realizes that they are using all the resources that they have, and that they are not getting the results that they wanted. It happens when it seems to them the meaning has fled out of the universe. When they look back on their childhood and realize that, in that time, there was great magic and great rejoicing and great freedom and they ask, “Where has it gone?” It is a crisis that comes to each soul born in flesh.

Now this crisis has a meaning and a purpose. It does you no good to avoid this crisis through drugs, through tranquilizers, or through material possessions, for you must face certain facts, and the facts are these. The high and mighty intellect that deals with the world of sense is not all. The validity and the vitality of your existence is far more than this. And when you find your intellect, alone, cannot give you the answers, and that it cannot bring you joy and that it brings you no closer to the fountain of existence, then you begin asking the proper questions. Then you are like the flower who accepts the sunshine, and in accepting the sunshine knows far more about the reality of sun than any scientist who measures the spectrum of light without feeling. Your soul, your inner self, your reality, is experience. It is this upon which you must base your life."

ECS2 ESP Class Session, November 24, 1970