"As each separate identity then seeks to know and experience its other portions then All That Is learns who and what it is. Action never ceases its own exploration of itself. All That Is can never know itself completely, since action must always act and each action creates a new unknown.

Action must then travel through itself from every conceivable point, and yet the journey, you see, itself being action, will create new paths.

Now, in dealing with such matters, I have to explain them from the standpoint of psychological structures with which you are familiar. When your own projections improve and grow more frequent, it is at least possible, with your abilities, that you will come into contact with some different psychological structures, and then I can tell you more.

One thing you should know: action cannot stop. It is powerless in this respect only. It cannot destroy itself. It can change form. It often changes direction. It is so many-dimensional that it must experience itself as individuals. Individuality is a direct result of the overall oneness of this action. Action is also a direct result of individual identities, for without these psychological dimensions, oneness could not multiply itself.

Other psychological structures beside your own have their being in realities you will find difficult to comprehend, even though they may be connected with your own, and you unknowingly, may be part of them. What you may term the reality of possibilities is an example. There are many yous in that system, and each you is related psychologically in a personality structure. The you that you know is a part of this. In this system, all the other yous seem to exist in a probable reality.

To any of them, the others would seem to exist in a probable universe. Yet all of you are psychologically connected. This is literally endless. All of you did not have the same parents, for example, and these are portions of probable situations existing in your own parents’ separate lives, as you think of their lives.

...In some probable systems, you and your mother would both exist, do both exist, but as complete strangers, you see. Now these psychological connections are valid and not merely symbolically so. This self that you know has also set up and initiated probable realities of its own. I mean this literally, you see. I want to make this clear.

Emotional charged feeling immediately sets up what you may think of as a tangent. It is expressed in some reality system. This is the inner nature of action. Those inner thoughts or desires, impulses not made physically real in your terms, will be made real within other systems.

Now, the inner self is psychologically influenced by these probable personalities, for they are all psychologically connected and represent a whole personality structure, a whole personality gestalt with which you as you know yourself are utterly unfamiliar.

Your psychologists are dealing with one-dimensional psychology at their best. In the dream state, the portions of the larger structure sometimes communicate, in highly codified symbols. It would be highly improbable to imagine that you could decipher these so as to be easily aware of them now.

There is even a certain feedback system that operates here, and yet you must understand that all of these other identities are independent and fully individual. They exist in codified psychological structures within your personality, as you exist in the same manner within each of their personalities.

They remain latent within you and are unexpressed within the system. You have their abilities, unused. You remain latent in their personality structures, and your main abilities are unused within their systems. Yet all of you are a part of oneself, you see in a multi dimensional psychological structure.

All action will be expressed. Now to some degree you have a root nature, then, and many of your dreams will be similar. You are far from identical with these probable selves, and yet if you met them you would instantly know that you had found unknown portions of yourself.

Now, these do not represent more highly evolved selves, necessarily at all. Certain abilities will be more developed in them than you, but certain of your abilities are more developed than theirs. In other words, I am not now speaking of portions of yourself that exist in your so-called future.

Each probable self you see also has future selves. This multidimensional identity is a psychological structure with which we shall be dealing in our discussions.”

TES7 Session 309 December 14, 1966

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