What joy and comfort you can give, then give. What support you can render, render.

Do you realize that by doing this you become more than you think you are?

For the moment is intimate, and the voice that speaks beside you in the night, in your terms, will not speak for long.

The bones that you call your own will lie a long time in the grave.

When each of you come together in a personal relationship are you then glorifying and adding to the reality of the consciousness that is within those atoms and molecules?

There are human beings on the face of this earth who do not know what love means, or companionship. Who so not have parents, who do not have sisters or brothers who understand an isolation that is bleak and cold even if it is of their own making.

Each of you who has the opportunity to share with another then know that is grace and be thankful for that which you experience.

And, do not underestimate what you have.

ESP 1971.04.27 (EC3)