Seth, Worries, Choice

"Your society teaches that it is almost virtuous to worry. I would not go so far as to say that it is immoral to worry, but worry is a biological impediment. It increases the concentration upon whatever problem is involved, for one thing, and it has a self-hypnotizing effect. Not to worry in your society can seem quite impractical indeed. Yet a refusal to worry as such will often show remarkable results by freeing the creative mechanisms, relaxing the body, and therefore allowing solutions and resolutions to occur naturally. Worrying impedes your reception of Framework 2 activity.

I want Ruburt in particular to take one day at a time. I want him to do the best he can in that day, to refuse to worry about anything. That takes a firm decision. Instead of Star Trek’s “I will not kill today,” have him substitute “I will not worry today.” This is to be followed with a focus toward relaxation. Simply keep relaxation in mind."

TPS4 Deleted Session May 24, 1978

"If you worry about the world, you can somehow perhaps save it—or so many people think. If you don’t worry about the world, you are considered unfeeling, and it certainly seems ridiculous to imagine that the world can somehow take care of itself, and even remedy whatever damage it seems man has done to it.

You are used to thinking, however, that worry is an acceptable method of showing concern for private or public affairs. The best thing you can do for yourself, or your loved ones, or the world, is to stop worrying, and hence release all of the negative thoughts therein generated."

TPS5 Deleted Session November 29, 1978