What is the creative relationship between the spacious present, simultaneous time, consciousness, camouflage physical reality and the moment point? And how do they flow together to create… well, everything?

Nothing exists but the Spacious Present, which is within All That Is.

Simultaneous Time is the only valid time there is within the spacious present.

All creation can only happen within the spacious present in simultaneous time.

Consciousness never leaves the spacious present, and we are consciousness.

All consciousness creates camouflage networks within the spacious presence for experience and growth.

In our case, consciousness that we are, each of us creates an individual personal reality within our own dimension of existence, with the mental root assumptions of time, space and matter.

What makes it seem like there is only one reality for all, one that has material duration in time and space, is through telepathic agreement between us. But I only see what I create in my reality, and you only see what you create in yours; i.e. you do not see my chair, you create a copy of my chair… and even a copy of me.

Each of our individual realities blinks in and out of our camouflage frameworks constantly, moment by moment, and that includes all physical matter of our bodies, homes, trees, etc. and each blink back in is built with new probabilities from the field of probabilities, creating everything afresh. therefore, there is no duration to anything in physical reality.

Our mind is not camouflage (although our brain is). therefore, our mind is always clear and present in the spacious present.

The moment point is the window between our camouflage physical framework and the spacious present, with our mind being the connective.

Our mental acts within our mind are the impetus behind all creation.

When a composite of our mental acts (thought, emotion, imagination) reaches a certain inner intensity, the expectation created by it is translated into camouflage events and material items in our personal camouflage framework of reality. This is done through a new selection of probabilities from the field of probabilities.

Therefore, the mental acts we entertain in the moment point are what eventually lead to what we create in the spacious present ‘first,’ and ‘then’ into our camouflage reality.

And that is why everything that happens in our individual personal reality, in what we perceive as linear time/ cause and effect, is actually after the fact.

Lynda Madden Dahl (compilation)