Sumari Time

There are special moments that are open channels in which a different kind of time emerges; an inside-Sumari kind of non-time. And in that time, everything is miraculous. One hour of it is worth—well, days of ordinary minutes. In Sumari time, you can learn something in a twinkling that might otherwise take years, and insights spring up, brilliant as fresh fruit, for the picking. This Sumari time is the special heart of time, and contains its real meaning. Again, it’s really a non-time, always new and shiny, and it contains secrets that are secrets only because so few people realize that this glittering time exists, and right in the middle of the regular time that they know. Now, in earth time, so many minutes add up to so many hours, and when you’re living in that framework alone, then so much time is needed to get things done. But inspiration is quite different. It seeks out those special moments when magic leaps from one world to the other with such ease. And each person has his or her own key to Sumari time. All you have to do is use it. You can write or paint or learn things or solve problems or just be supremely happy ten times as well in one hour of Sumari time as you can in ten regular hours. Of course, Sumari and earth time coincide, which is tricky, I admit. And earth time springs out of Sumari time, but people divide up usual time so much that they never realize that time is really whole. So, Sumari time is whole time, since we’re using the term “time” at all. Later we’ll dispense with it entirely. But right now the trick is to recognize Sumari time and use it.

If time were a fruit, then Sumari time would be its nectar and essence, and if time were a holiday, then Sumari time would be Christmas. When most people bump into a corner of Sumari time, they’re delighted, but they don’t know how to find it again, when it’s there all the while. Stacks and stacks of the wrong kind of hours won’t give you even one minute of good Sumari time, though. Because in a strange way, a Sumari hour is the other side of an earth hour. I mean, all of a sudden, for example, 11 o’clock becomes transparent; it is what it is, on top, but it’s something else too, underneath. And you can peer through—well, time itself.

From Oversoul Seven’s Little Book in Oversoul Seven by Jane Roberts