The Vietnamese minority, the largest exotic minority in Czechia, is somewhat separated and lives its own life but Czechs generally view the Vietnamese rather positively, at least in comparison with other exotic foreigners.

They seem hard-working to most of Czechs, maybe even pragmatic and similar in many ways. Millions of Czechs have bought cheap things from the Vietnamese in the street markets of the 1990s and a subset is still doing business with the Vietnamese when the Vietnamese businesses have moved a little bit up. At the same moment, the minority has been large for generations and Czechs are getting used to a generation of the banana children (a similarly clever phrase as the watermelons) who are yellow on the surface but white inside. It’s been unheard of that an exotic people may speak perfect Czech without accent but with the Vietnamese, it has become a fact. Lots of the young Vietnamese really live like Czechs and many of them are totally embraced by their environment and friends as Czechs. I believe that the Vietnamese are generally more hard-working at school and they are about equally intelligent.

So it seems like a problem-free co-existence. Don’t expect some unnatural worshiping of the foreigners. Czechs are doing nothing of the sort. Also, the reasons for the unhinged PC are missing in Czechia. Vietnam hasn’t been our colony and Czechs have never “exploited” the Vietnamese. Instead, we have been pretty much helping Vietnam as a country and the Vietnamese as people, starting with the migrants to Czechia, for more than half a century. No feelings of guilt! I think that most parents still prefer their children to date ethnic Czech partner.