Time flows...

Seth on spacious present and inverted time.

There is only the spacious present. You are in the spacious present now. You were in the spacious present in your yesterday. And, you still will not have traveled through it in your tomorrow or in eons of tomorrows.

An inverted time system actually presents us with a system that more closely approximates the true nature of time. Time does, indeed, turn in upon itself, even as it explodes outward from itself. The expanding universe theory applies much more truly to time than it does to the physical universe. You think of a steady progression into the future. However, as you know there is no real progression, moment by successive moment, as you suppose.

The idea of inverted time states that time flows in all directions. And, that as each action affects every other action, so time constantly affects itself and continually reacts within itself. The past moment is never completed. Consciously you have simply lost sight of it. And, have not followed it through in its endless depths.

When the inverted time system is understood for what it is, then the individual is in contact simultaneously with the experience gained in the so-called past. And, is also able to take advantage of events which have not yet occurred within your present. This does not mean that he will be consciously aware of future events, for if you remember these events can be changed by him at any time. He is constantly making his own experience. He is constantly forming the events of the past, even as he forms the events of the present and future.

A part of the whole self is quite aware of the probabilities.

EGO can only choose to experience one event out of all the probable events at a time.

Probable events are events whether or not you perceive them as such.

Thoughts are, indeed, events therefore. Wishes and desires are events. As you know, wishes and desires also influence those actions which will be perceived by you as actual events in the physical universe.

The time in which the inner ego exists is, as you know, the spacious present. The spacious present is the basic time in which the whole self has its existence.

The ego maintains much of its stability by looking backwards, so to speak, into its experience of its past. And, finding something of itself there. Now, the past may be an illusion. But, it is not illusion to the ego.

Past, present and future has reality only to the ego.

Permanence as the ego thinks of it would be an alien concept to these portions of the self. And, to them a highly distasteful concept, adding up to rigidity. Flexibility is the key here, a voluntary changing or alteration of the self as it is allowed to change freely with each probability that is explored.