"In your terms we remember our part in the creation of your universe, but you are not aware of your part in the creation of other universes into which you also peer.

You are on a journey into awareness. You are recovering the knowledge and acknowledgment of your own past. The words you hear are translations. We do not understand what a room is... we merely use the term. We peer into a segment of reality. We did (think) construct it, and we have gone our way. In your terms, we are very distant. We have an equivalent of emotions, but you would not understand them.

You must realize that each reality is unique and precious and a part of the whole. The whole is contained within any given part lying in the sleep of probability from which it will and already has awakened and so will you awaken and so have you awakened and so even in the trance of physical focus are you already awake to your own greater reality. You only focus upon a point of ignorance.

Merely turn the focus of your awareness in another direction and freedom shows itself and time is seen then as the figurative closed eyelid that deceives you. In the midst of your dreaming you are awake. In the midst of your dreaming you are what we are. You are in other terms, the memory of us [yet] we are also the memory of you."

1971.01.19 (ESP: EC3)