Seth: "[Forget] what is possible and what is not possible."

ESP Class Session, January 19, 1971 (EC3)

"Framework 2, again, in a way magnifies your intent. The work done there is out of all proportion to the effort expended once your intent is clear and the clear desire stated."

The Personal Sessions, Book 4 1977.11.12

"You must remember that there are no impediments in Framework 2 and, therefore, that all seeming impediments in Framework 1 will be dissolved.

You must not wonder how or dwell upon details."

PS4 1977.10.10

"Framework 2 brings about your desire, but also considers it in the light of your entire life situation, so that it comes about in the best way possible, fitting in with your natures. The clear intent, then, takes it for granted that the results will indeed be highly beneficial, and not cause detriments."

PS4 Deleted Session November 12, 1977

"Faith in a creative, fulfilling, desired end, sustained faith, literally draws from Framework 2 all of the necessary ingredients, all of the elements however staggering in number, arranges all the details, and then inserts into Framework 1 the impulses, dreams, chance meetings, motivations, or whatever is necessary so that the desired end then falls into place as a completed pattern."

PS4 Deleted Session October 24, 1977