Ego has a weird crown

Seth: "Now, your personality has no limits. Now, each of you, in this reality, have decided upon emphasizing certain characteristics and forgetting others. You have allowed, therefore, certain characteristics to come to the surface. And, you are aware of them and you use them and you think these characteristics are myself.

The ego is a king with a very precarious crown. And, you think you are what your ego is. It does not occur to you, however, that there are literally countless, countless probable egos within yourself, numberless abilities that could come to the foremost of your consciousness to be latched upon and used. You are unaware of these buried selves, these buried abilities, these buried creative functions and combinations. And, yet in other layers of reality these come to the forefront and you allow these their play and the characteristics that you think of now so securely as your own, these are buried. But, while they are buried, they are not unaware, they are in trance and you can become aware of them.

Within the self that you know there are countless combinations of selves that you do not admit. And, in other layers of probable realities these selves have their say and live out their potential. They are sleeping within you in this reality. But, in those realities you are sleeping within them as latent potential.


[To Sue.] Within you, for example. And, everyone in the room, there is an unlimited amount of what you would call identity. Now, all you do when you have an identity and focus on it, is grab out of your own bank of potentials a group of potentials and say, "these are the ones I will settle upon for now. And, these I will call my identity. And, so I will use these and I will ignore anything else." But another portion of the self says, "ah hah, these potentials are not used, they are freewheeling and I will adapt these and these will be those potentials with which I will work." There are no potentials within you that are not being realized and no creative abilities that are not being used."

ESP 1971.01.26 (EC3)