Always alive

Seth: "In any case, there are new lives growing and maturing within each individual, whatever his or her age or circumstances. The idea of survival reaches far beyond this life experience. And, each person has new physical and spiritual existences ever ready, for there is no such thing as extinction. Alive or dead (in usual terms), you are always conscious and aware and yourselves. And, you are always a part of universal ventures in which you have always been involved, whatever your states of consciousness.

You are supported, never abandoned, and always couched lovingly in the great yet intimate presence of All That Is, whose love forms your breath, your life, your death, as in which the unknown divinity is always blessed and ever known. It is known and unknown, forming all stages of creativity. And, you are held within it, graced to be a part of the divine framework of All That Is."

WtH 1984.07.30