Book of Death

There are unlimited varieties of experience open to you after death.

Very generally now, there are three main areas, though exceptions and extraordinary cases can take other roads.

1- You may decide upon another reincarnation.

2- You may decide to focus instead upon your past life, using it as the stuff of new experience, as mentioned previously creating variations of events as you have known them, making corrections as you choose.

3- Or you may enter another system of probability entirely; and this is quite apart from a reincarnational existence. You will be leaving all thoughts of continuity of time behind you in such a case.

Seth Speaks 540---related to number two;

Seth:"In a considerable number of ghost or apparition cases, this is what is involved. Here the emotional energy is at such a pitch that the individual appears out of context within your physical reality but has no freedom within it.

He is acting out the past so vividly and with such a frenzy that electromagnetic patterns are momentarily disrupted. He breaks through into "current" physical reality. But, he can not step forth freely into it but is imprisoned by his own overpowering and blind purposes.

He does not realize his condition. When this momentary breakthrough does occur, however, then someone with disciplined and developed abilities can explain the situation to him. He can then release himself. In such cases, the break with physical reality was somehow incomplete at physical death. The stubborn spirit, usually impelled by still strong unfulfilled wishes, refuses to break contact.

Physical death alone is not enough, then. A misguided individual can still cleave to the physical system, though he can not operate within it as before.

In any case, such a situation could not be maintained indefinitely. The individual involved is, indeed, a ghost image of the personality.

Even the misguided desires behind their activities diminishes."

TES 8 396