Seth II

We gave you the pattern upon which you formed your entire physical universe.

Seth IISo, I am the Seth that is beyond the Seth that you know. And in me the knowledge and vitality of that Seth still rings. In your terms, I am a future Seth. But the terms are meaningless to me, for he is what I was, in your terms.



Seth II: You are sometimes aware while in physical existence that you are dreaming.

You are dealing with the transformation of emotional energy into action and form.

Seth II: "You are dealing with the transformation of emotional energy into action and form. You then manipulate within nu the system which you have yourself created and by its effects learn where you have succeeded and where you have failed. The system always includes some fragments who are entering for the first time, as well as individuals in their third or fourth reincarnations.

How do we create our realities?

What is the creative relationship between the spacious present, simultaneous time, consciousness, camouflage physical reality and the moment point? And how do they flow together to create… well, everything?

Nothing exists but the Spacious Present, which is within All That Is.

Simultaneous Time is the only valid time there is within the spacious present.

All creation can only happen within the spacious present in simultaneous time.

Who is Seth

Seth is the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke through the author Jane Roberts while she was in trance, and coined the phrase “You Create Your Own Reality.” Seth’s empowering message literally launched the New Age movement.

The books written by Seth have sold over seven million copies and have been translated into over eleven languages.