Start over…

You can indeed start over, rearousing from within yourself those earlier, more innocent expectations, feelings and beliefs.

It is much better if you can imagine this endeavor more in the light of children’s play...

Try to instill a somewhat playful attitude, even toward the most severe problems, for the very idea of play encourages the use of the imagination and the creative abilities.

This starting over… because of the simultaneous nature of time, beliefs can be changed in the present moment.

Seth on Love

What joy and comfort you can give, then give. What support you can render, render.

Do you realize that by doing this you become more than you think you are?

For the moment is intimate, and the voice that speaks beside you in the night, in your terms, will not speak for long.

The bones that you call your own will lie a long time in the grave.

When each of you come together in a personal relationship are you then glorifying and adding to the reality of the consciousness that is within those atoms and molecules?

Do I have a responsibility to try to enlighten my brothers/sisters?

YOU do indeed, you do it by YOUR EXAMPLE.

The only way to complete your responsibility to others is to feel your own spontaneity, which is the spirit of All-That-Is within you. And then, you are able to help others.

You can trust the inner spontaneous self.

It is, in your terms, a spirit of All-That-Is.

It knows how to grow you. It grew you from a fetus to a grown adult

Seth Audio CD 8


"Your society teaches that it is almost virtuous to worry. I would not go so far as to say that it is immoral to worry, but worry is a biological impediment. It increases the concentration upon whatever problem is involved, for one thing, and it has a self-hypnotizing effect. Not to worry in your society can seem quite impractical indeed. Yet a refusal to worry as such will often show remarkable results by freeing the creative mechanisms, relaxing the body, and therefore allowing solutions and resolutions to occur naturally. Worrying impedes your reception of Framework 2 activity.

Seth on guilt and penance/ repentance/ karma

In an etymological sense, the word ‘repentance’ traces to something like ‘turning around, a complete reorientation’ hinting then perhaps at adopting a loving , joyful viewpoint of the Inner Self. Nevertheless, as it is used today it means quite the opposite of that, meaning a duty bound, vengeance full orientation of the limited and linear type of reality view, loosely translating as something like ‘in the past you created for them reality that they did not like so now to make it even they must create for you reality that you do not like’


"People with so-called secondary personalities also fear their own energy. They divide it up so that it seems to belong (long pause) to different personalities, and is therefore effectively divided. In basic terms, true amnesia does not exist in such cases, though it appears to. The people involved are quite aware of their activity at all times, but they behave in a fashion that is not continual — that is, the main personality does not seem to behave in a continual manner, but is broken up, or again, seemingly divided.


Suggestion can, indeed, change experience which has already passed!

Because suggestions are formed of the same stuff that forms your physical reality, suggestions can indeed change the framework within which you operate.

Seth: Incidentally, suggestion will reach many aspects of the self. And, some which are very distant from the ego, for you are setting into motion psychic action, which is behind all realities. Suggestion will reach portions of the self of which the ego is entirely unfamiliar. Suggestion can, indeed, change experience which has already passed.