Life Force

Seth: In Your Quiet Moments Say “WHO AM I?” And listen.

We are all utterly dependent upon the life force, without which there would be no individual.

The plant is not dependent upon you.

It is dependent upon the life force. It is you who have placed the plant in the particular circumstances in which it is now.

If the life force did not fill the plant, no amount of watering would make it grow.

And if the consciousness within the leaves did not sing 🎵🎶 with the vitality of existence, then no amount of chemicals would make it live.


Seth: Animals massage each other, and also use touch healing, and these activities represent the natural characteristics available in the "animal family," as well as occurring naturally in the family of man.

Animals playing are always exchanging healing transformations of energy from one to the other.

KUNDALINI is available not only to yourself but to the plant and animal kingdoms themselves.

It is highly important then that you realize the vitality and natural right to such energy (Kundalini)


Follow the wisdom that is within yourself.

Distrust easy answers (even from counselors)

There is no authority but the authority that is within your own consciousness – the legitimate reality that is your own!

When it seems to you that you are powerless, it is because you are denying the authority that lies within yourself, closing your mind to the answers that are as free as air.

You are not here to accept ready answers;

You are here to use your abilities, to consider your problems as challenges and to work them out.

Harmonious inner existence

Seth: "To argue aggressively that war is wrong is ironic stupidity. For, such an individual already displays those characteristics that lead to war.

It is wrong to think that restraint under such circumstances or discussions is cowardly, though of course, it may be. To refrain from argument while simultaneously and deliberately forcing thoughts or pictures of peace, represents a positive action. The intensity of the peaceful images or thoughts unfortunately rarely match the intensity of the bitterness, you see.

The Self

"There are, again, no limitations to the self, but those that you create. These become valid limitations for all practical purposes however. When you learn, and you are learning, to extend the limitations of your self, you simply become aware of what you are already. You become more aware, but there is always more to become aware of.


“The magical approach puts you in harmony with your own individual knowledge of the universe. It puts you in touch with the magical feeling of yourself that you had as a child, and that is familiar to you at levels usually beyond your physical knowledge of yourself. It is better then, say, to use the approach because you recognize it for what it is, than to use it specifically in order to get something that you want, however beneficial. There is no doubt at my level that use of the approach can clear up Ruburt’s difficulties naturally and easily.


The beginnings of dreams reach back into past lives of which you are not aware, and beyond even this the origins are part of a heritage before your planet even existed.

Seth: "As there is in actuality no beginning or end to a dream, so there is no beginning or end to any reality. A dream does not then begin and end, only your awareness of a dream begins and ends.


The Charmed Life

“Each life is charmed (Seven said), yours, and everyone else’s, and you must never forget it. The instant you’re born, you’re charmed, because life itself is a charm. Each being is charmed into existence in whatever reality it finds itself, and given everything it needs to operate in the environment. Your body is charmed, too: It’s a magic part of everything else; springing up from all the things you see about you. Atoms and molecules go singing through the miraculous air, forming themselves into rocks and trees and dogs and cats and people, too. You are magic.

Your soul, your inner self, your reality, is experience

"This is a crossroads that comes, not only to you, but to each individual upon the face of the planet and in every time it comes when an individual realizes that they are using all the resources that they have, and that they are not getting the results that they wanted. It happens when it seems to them the meaning has fled out of the universe. When they look back on their childhood and realize that, in that time, there was great magic and great rejoicing and great freedom and they ask, “Where has it gone?” It is a crisis that comes to each soul born in flesh.